Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yay I exercised!

So just to warn you all, this is going to be a pretty random post.

Food I ate today:
Breakfast-ditto the rest of the week=310
Lunch-PB&J Sandwich, yogurt, mint=305
Snack-rice cake snack bag=90
Dinner-mac&cheese, chocolate covered strawberries=750
Total Calories=1455

Exercise: 350ish calories burned on the oliptical, 30min plus cooldown

Alright, so optimistic first. I got up and exercised this morning and it felt good! I'm going to take a break tomorrow so I don't push myself too hard. I know, I know, people heavier and more out of shape than me do way more everyday on the Biggest Loser. I do not have medical supervision and don't have time to get sick because I pushed too hard, so this is the way it goes.

Next, well you may have noticed the mac and cheese on the food list. I'm not perfect, I never said I was, and I never will. Last night I really wanted mac and cheese and talked myself out of it, but the craving continued through today and I just couldn't stop myself. Honestly, it didn't taste quite as good as I remembered, possibly due to the topping of guilt on top.

Ok, lastly a little personal info that's having a large effect on my mental state. I found out my dad lost his job today, which is not as bad as you are all thinking. He's been looking for a different one for a while since the (now) old one had issues that he didn't like. He has several leads, so it's not that bad. He, however, mentioned that one of these possibilities is in St. Louis, which is my current problem. Explanation: I'm from NJ, my parents still live there, still live in the house I (up until college) lived in my entire life. So when he says St. Louis, my world starts to fall apart. Now, yes I am being waaaaaay too dramatic here, especially since it's only a possibility, but hear me out. Being able to go back to that house for a couple days every 4 months-ish keeps me grounded, and able to survive living so far away from most of the people I love. It would make life really really hard for me if my parents sold the house.

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