Sunday, September 6, 2009

Almost forgot!

I got completely distracted by this new Facebook application that RM1 talked me into called Farmville and almost forgot to do this post.

So very quickly, I ate today:
Breakfast- OJ, Rice crispies and skim milk
Lunch-two slices american cheese, 4 turkey slices, small low fat yogurt, low fat pringles, truffle
Dinner-take out Chinese (including 4 steamed pork dumplings, some assorted beef and chicken veggie dishes that weren't the breaded fried kind, and a little rice), one brownie

Not sure how the dinner part is going to effect my WI tomorrow, but most of the chinese was not that bad being mostly veggies. I'm just worried about portion size and the brownie. We were at an outdoor concert, and they just looked soooo good.

More interesting things tomorrow I promise!

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