Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Free Food Temptation

So today, in the lobby outside my lab there was free food... alllll day. Talk about temptation, I was going crazy. I walk through there at least 5 times a day and grad school is full of free food. Plus in grad school it's a culture thing: you get paid no money, you must steal the free food. It's basically implanted in our brains. Resisting the urge, especially when it comes in the form of really bad for you things (pastries, chips, chocolate things...) is really hard. I did bring a supply of snacks today, so I resisted, but I had to think, free food does not mean you have to eat it, about 10 times.

So what I ate today:
Breakfast-cereal, OJ=310
lunch-pork with veggies, celery, yogurt, mint=280
Snack-rice cakes=90
Dinner-salmon, popcorn, ice cream, grapes=1000

Total Calories=1680

Well I had kind of a rough evening. My parents are still talking about moving, and it's still upsetting me a lot. Plus all my lab stuff is not working, so it was a not so good mood and I just wanted something to make me feel better. So food it was, but at least I managed to stop myself before I went completely crazy, I knew I was full and I didn't go get any more.

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