Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Biggest loser S8Ep2

Ok I know, I suck at posting lately. I have about a million things going on, including getting my blood taken, packing for AZ, laundry, you get it. I did manage to watch BL last night while I was doing my laundry, so here's a few opinions etc. I'll have to get back to posting everyday when I get back from visiting my grandparents in AZ (not so much with the internet there).

*Spoiler Alert*

So I wasn't sure how I felt about this 150lb challenge thing. I always think it's great when they do this stuff that let's them stay on longer, but 150lbs in week 2, that's kind of mean. I do like that they were all working together, less game play, more losing weight is always good.

So glad Tracy is back and mostly ok. I kinda wish they had showed what she was doing to work out for all the people out there with some health restrictions, but hooray for the purple team:)

I also really liked that they gave them opportunities to decrease the amount of lbs needed for this week. I wonder if that was originally the plan, or if Bob and Jillian were like, ummm this isn't cool, help them out a little. I was also super impressed that they all worked together and just did that balance challenge. pretty awesome!

All the phone calls home made me cry... yeah, I'm a little girly.

Amazing weight loss! I feel bad for the pink team, I think that Amanda just hasn't hit her sweet spot yet. Don't give up! I'm sure she'll get there. It was very impressive that they got over the original 150 lbs, I wonder if Bob and Jillian really switched a lot so this would happen. Will we be seeing traditional week 2 numbers next week instead? Also, I still love Daniel, he's amazing and in the 200's!

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