Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little bit of background

Alright, as I'm hoping this will stay semi anonymous names and actual locations will be changed for all of this part. And yes, I do understand that having my picture on the blog will make it less anonymous, but that seems essential for the weight-loss portion. The grad school stuff will be more hidden as to not embarrass or get me into trouble with any important people (not that I want to bash anyone, but all information may not be favorable). With that out of the way...

I just became a 3rd year chemistry grad student at a fairly prestigious university, which I will call Univ. for the remainder of this blog. I live with two roommates to cut costs (grad school is not impressively well paid) who will be called RM1 and RM2. So the point being, RM2 just moved in a few weeks ago (RM1 has been my roommate since the beginning of grad school) to start our program as a first year, which began just on the 1st. And of course, when they start, we all move up a year, making me a 3rd year. Upon becoming a 3rd year, I am a little confused. Mostly due to the fact that I in no way feel as if I know enough to be a 3rd year. I remember what it felt like to look at a 3rd year when I started. My opinions of them went something like... wow, look at all the information they know and they have actual research projects and they know how to do grad school. I can now, for certain, say that most of those things were absolutely not true. The amount of knowledge I have seems to decrease with each passing year, and I have no idea how to navigate grad school. I do actually have multiple research projects, but that doesn't seem to help.

Anyway, that's what has been on my mind mostly this week as well as... I wonder if any of the 1st years are cute and are they too young for me to be thinking about dating them?

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