Friday, October 30, 2009

sigh... not quite there

Good morning all,

So I promised I would check this morning to see if I made my goal of under 160 by parents showing up (this afternoon), but I got 160.8 lbs... which is good but not great. Now I'm going to spend all weekend eating yummy free food and drinking wine, so I expect that won't be amazing for my weight loss, but hey, my parents don't visit very often.

We're having a freak warm day here with all kinds of fun wind and rain to go with it, but all will be well. Plus I get to ignore Halloween (not a big costume person), so this weekend should be very good for my overall mood. Hopefully I can also avoid the candy that goes with Halloween as well, which will help with weight loss.

Good luck avoiding the candy and have a great weekend! (don't forget to change your clocks)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Biggest Loser and working out

Yay! I went to my Turbo Kick class and while it hurt, I feel good that I went. :) One small step at a time.

Soooo Biggest Loser *Spoiler Alert*

Fun challenge at the beginning, too bad the black team just couldn't quite get there. They will though, I have faith. Crazy faceoff week begins with the stupid boxing ring bit, whatever. I don't know about some of these choices, the black team could have a chance. We'll see what happens.

Oh jeeze, Amanda has a complete meltdown, poor girl. Hopefully, she'll figure something out. YAY!!! Black team wins the crazy baseball challenge, hooray happiness.

Oh no, Abbey's sad sad story:( This is breaking my heart.... she's really amazing and strong, really emotionally strong. It just makes you think, if she can live through that, I can do anything I want.

Oh and Amanda maybe having a breakthrough.... maybe, well not quite. Oh dear, crazy blocks and Allen does the insane high one!! I hate those blocks btw, we used to do them in middle school. That was not ok.

Jeeze, this is the emotional death episode. Shay is a mess, awwww :( So sad, jeeze, Yay she can do it!

Wow, Abbey is so sweet, she's such a good person :) And she looks.... really good:)

Life gets in the way...

...of weight loss. Has anyone else noticed this? I know you're supposed to make weight loss and your health a priority and what not, but come on, we all have other stuff we put ahead of it. For example: work, you have to work to keep your job so you have some way to pay for your life. Let's face it, that and sleep take up a lot of time. Plus all our other little activities (I do orchestra), just add to that time. I'm just saying this because last week I never had time to drag myself to the grocery store, so I bought lunch and dinner all week, which as you all know, is detrimental to weight loss and I didn't work out and well you get the idea.

I know this is supposed to be a change your life kind of change, and I'm trying, but sometimes life gets in the way. Hopefully, I'll stay on target this week, even with all the prep for my parents showing up happening (like cleaning, lots of cleaning).

Anyway, weighed in yesterday at 162.8 lbs.... ugh, but I'll weigh in on Friday this week to see if I meet the under 160 lbs goal for my parents showing up. We'll just have to see. Working out tonight and hopefully blogging about Biggest Loser.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

wow, what a week

OK, so I failed at my post 4 times goal this week. I did weigh in on Monday. I was 161.2 lbs, which is ok. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Again it's just been kind of a rough week. Better posts this coming week I hope.

So we'll try some new goals for this week:
1) Make lunch and dinners
2) Calorie count
3) Work out twice

The parents will be here at the end of the week, so eating this weekend will be interesting, but hopefully I can do well the first 4 days of the week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Weekends are always kind of tough for me in the eating correctly department. It's hard when I don't have a strict schedule to eat good meals. Also when I'm just home doing my own thing... I have a tendency to short of eat whatever. I have yet to get a fool proof plan to counter this problem. I'm working on it. I'm thinking something along the lines of making the kitchen off limits except at determined mealtimes.... or maybe some sort of reminder note on my door or the shelf to be all "Do you really want to eat this?". Anyway, work in progress. I don't think I did too badly this weekend. I guess we shall see on the scale tomorrow morning.

Ok, on the goals front this week, not so hot. I did post 4 times (including this one). I sort of kept track of calories everyday, but just like in my head, which doesn't entirely count, so that gets a semi-check. The exercise just sort of fell off a cliff between the being kind of sick and just not caring.

So on this list for next week or this week, whatever, starting tomorrow:
1) Post 4 times again :)
2) Count calories by writing them down somewhere everyday
3) Work out at least 3 times

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well I was sick...

Turns out I made a good decision about not going to my crazy Turbo Kick class Tuesday night, because even without the workout I was sick yesterday. I had a mild fever, headache, lightheadedness for a good portion of the day. I went to work just for the mandatory group meeting portion and stopped for some food on my way home. I think my fever broke at about 7 PM, because suddenly I felt much better. I slept a lot last night and now, tada, all is well.

That said, I figure tomorrow is a good restart to working out, hopefully I can still get in 3 mild workouts by the end of the week and keep that goal. I realize this post doesn't have much of a theme, but I guess I just wanted to put that out there.

Breakfast-toast, PB, OJ=340
Lunch-yogurt parfait, potato chips=360
Dinner-wine, cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies=? 600


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I don't live in the warmest of cities, but for the last week or so it has been unseasonably cold (we're talking lows in the 30's highs in the upper 40's). It's basically winter already and I'm cold. Plus between the weather and the (dun dun dunnnnn) swine flu, everyone is sick. This does actually have a point: I woke up feeling like I'm getting a cold. Being sick completely kills my motivation for pretty much anything. After putting up all my lofty goals yesterday, I'm now trying to decide if going to my Turbo Kick class tonight is a good or bad idea.

So this is the question, at what point during the sickness cycle is it good to work out or bad to work out? I know that Jillian Michaels had this as one of her questions a while ago and I believe her answer was something like: work out unless the sickness has moved into your chest, you have a fever, or are light headed. While I accept the premise that feeling sick shouldn't be a an excuse to blow off your workouts, I also know that generally if I rest and sleep when I feel like I'm getting sick, I can ward it off or at least make it shorter. I guess that's my dilemma, go with Jillian's advice or my own previous experience. I guess I'll just see how I feel by the end of the day.

Well, I didn't end up going... still tired and sore throat, so I will go to bed early and hope that this whole sicky thing goes away.

Also *Spoiler Alert*, Biggest Loser tonight!

So, guess what Tracy gets the power.. again. how on earth did that happen? Also, I'm very proud of Abby for not playing the temptation. So of course she's going to split all the teams up except hers, and then she has to pick one other team not to split up, so she puts what she views as the weakest team together on the black team (Daniel and Shay, also she might be trying to get on their good side-unlikely). Goes ahead to put the strongest players on her team. Pretty obvious Tracy strategy, also basically going to get her kicked off as soon as they have a chance.

Challenge was interesting... fairly predictable ending since there are only two guys on the black team. Once they get to some of the stability challenges and things they'll have a chance to win. Can't believe that Liz gave Danny her video, so super cute! I wish Dina would get up on that stupid platform block thing. I know those things are scary, I've done that, and yeah I get it, but grrr I wish she could do it! Black team is working together really well though:) Jillian is good at that.

Crazy weigh-in tonight. Tracy pulls a decent number again unfortunately. Everyone is pulling decent numbers though. Really proud of Danny... and Daniel!!! (I have a tendency to be for Jillian's team, Tracy is just helping with that fact right now) OMG SHAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, sorry, got excited :) Ok what's with all the wishywashyness about voting off tracy, they better do it.... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! What are they thinking?!?! I can't even, nope, ok I'm done commenting now.

Food eaten today:
Breakfast: OJ, toast, PB=340
Lunch-chicken noodle soup, potato chips, mint, oyster crackers=700
Dinner-fig newtons, cereal, hershey bar, grapes=515

Total Calories=1555

Monday, October 12, 2009

(possible) revelation

Alright, so this morning I woke up dreading weighing into the scale due to my lovely: I don't feel like cooking, let's order italian food for dinner, move last night. And I weighed in at 162.2 lbs, yep, gained weight. Then I wasn't going to post it or blog because I had excuses. Well, earlier this weekend I weighed under 160 (which I was excited about btw), so why should I post just this day, maybe I'll wait and try again tomorrow when it's more reasonable. Then I read some other blogs and realized: This is what I wanted to do the blog for!!! I'm holding myself accountable. Ok, I made a bad decision last night and these are the consequences. Good to know, remember this feeling next time you want to eat the entire loaf of garlic bread you ordered (or remember this before you order the garlic bread). Anyhow, back on track, and I thought some goals for the week would be a good addition as well.

Week Goals:
1) Keep track of calories everyday (even if I don't get a chance to post them)
2) Blog at least 4 times (I realized that expecting myself to blog everyday is a little too optimistic)
3) Work out 3 times!

Other slightly longer term goals:
1) Be under 160lbs when my parents get here (October 30th)
2) Get work outs up to four times a week by the end of October.

Hmm, I just realized my little tickers change all of them when I change it online. So they all say the same thing now. I'll have to fix that...

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well, I've had a very busy first half of this week, including rehearsals, lab, walk-throughs, organizing an open house, getting a little lab work done, moving meetings etc. This was all in the first three days of my week. Yesterday I organized a wine and cheese open house for the first years we're trying to get to join our group, which means I had wine and cheese and then was hungry when I got home, and had food and more wine. Not the best calorie day, really not sure how much I ended up eating. But back on track today!

Food I ate today:
Breakfast-toast, PB, OJ=330
Lunch-salad with chicken, beats, fruit, smartfood popcorn=440?
Dinner-cereal, turkey, chocolate=600


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hump Day

Ahhh Wednesdays, that whole middle of the week vibe. I thought I might be due for some grad school blogging. mostly the thing about "hump day" is that it's supposed to be the middle day. I, as most chem grad students do, work on saturday, so the term doesn't entirely apply to us. My particular group has our group meeting on wednesdays, which is always kind of a toss up. Depending on who's presenting and how much group business we have or how much one of our group members need to talk about the group business (he has a tendency to go in circles) it can take an hour or three. Thankfully today was only about an hour and a half. So I realize this is completely random, but I think the point is that Hump day means group meeting and sort of signals the middle of the normal work week. Grad students can take the meaning as they like it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Biggest Loser S8Ep4

Ate today:
Breakfast-cereal, OJ=300
Lunch-Ginger Chicken sandwich, chips, mint=645
Snack-apple, fig newtons=185
Dinner-toast, PB, yogurt, cheese, celery, truffle=390


Exercise=1 hr Turbo Kick class, I'll guess the 500 calories again

Ok, didn't realize apples had so many calories... note to self. But still good day overall. I had a bunch of little sucesses for myself. I walked past this restaurant at lunch time that I looooovvveee their biscuits and sausage gravy and got a good cosi sandwich instead. Then I really really wanted to go home and skip working out, but I stayed until my class! Go me:)

*Spoiler Alert*

Sooooo Biggest Loser tonight (I hadn't realized I forgot to do one last week, oops). Sooooo happy that Daniel won them immunity! Not sure if he was playing the game with the 0 or not... don't really care if he did, it happens. Crazy take out week, reminds me of the stuff they pull on the australia biggest loser (which I've watched some of on utube). I hate when they mess with the food, because the whole point is to help these people loose weight. I think it would be more reasonable to ask them to eat out once a day, because that makes more sense in real life too.

Also, how is Tracy losing weight without doing anything??? I guess she was just eating so much before that this restricted calories is enough? But like the poor pink team and a bunch of the other girls are working their butts off to lose like 3 pounds and she does it without working out... I guess lucky her, but she bugs me, but yay Mo :) So proud of the pink team this week!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Week

This morning I weighed in and guess what? I was 161.2 lbs, sounds familiar doesn't it? Oh well, at least I'm down from last week, and considering I didn't get to go grocery shopping until Sunday and was living off random food, I say not bad. I'm totally exhausted today between not sleeping well and running around for weird errands all day. I'm super stressed due to a snag in the moving the lab plans. Our lovely boss has decided that he wants to move the three days before thanksgiving, which throws a snag into travel plans for everyone. Anyway, and several other things are all converging into this week, so this is me freaking out and trying to keep myself together.

Food eaten today:
Breakfast-cereal, OJ=300
Lunch-chicken pita thing, yogurt, apple=410
Dinner-turkey, cheese, mushroom sandwich, truffle, grapes=420


Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's raining... and I'm tired

Do rainy days make everyone lazy and grumpy or is it just me? The tired part is my own fault, so I can't complain too much. I had the last disk of Bones Season 3 last night, and kind of watched until after 1 Am to finish the season. As you may of guessed, that's way past my bedtime(10:45). I still haven't unpacked and I need to do laundry again... Things are piling up and I dont' want to do them. Sigh, when did this whole adult thing happen? Anyway as you may have guessed I didn't quite make it to the gym this morning and didn't bring anything for lunch, so I had maybe not the best food. I really need to go to the grocery store.

Food consumed today:
Breakfast-Toast and PB, OJ=330
Lunch-Chicken salad pita thing, potato chips=600?
Dinner-cereal, cheese, turkey, truffle=450

Total Calories=1380