Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Biggest Loser Season 8!!!

*Spoiler Alert*

Oh my god, this season is ridiculous, everyone is sooo big, you could tell the trainers were almost just astonished. But the good thing is they all started and tried really hard. I'm so glad Daniel is back and he's such a good guy, so encouraging to everyone and really helping out his partner since she's in the same position he was last time.

Oooo, I love all the research testing. It could be really cool if they're able to give a little bit of the progress for some of it by the end of the show. It's really scary how sick these people are, I hope nothing more serious than what happened tonight happens the rest of the season.

Oh my god Jillian's crying....oh she's so sweet :) I love Jillian so much. I like all the yelling and puking and then she does the whole emotional thing too.

Well I'm sad that one of the young ones had to go home early, but she looks really good! I bet she'll do well in the finale. I also kind of feel like she was the most negative out of the group, so maybe that will help with nice group dynamics (I get frustrated with the drama). Also sooooo glad that Coach Moe made the weight he needed, hopefully Tracy can come back next week!

Food for today:
Breakfast-toast and PB, OJ=310
Lunch-cashew chicken, mint=305
Snack-yogurt, pringles=160
Dinner-small corn muffin, pork with onions, mushrooms, and oranges, ice cream, 2 handisnacks=585

Total Calories=1360

Exercise-40 min on olipticle =393 calories (or so the machine says)

I had a mental fight with my scale this morning and I WON! yay me, so I didn't weigh myself, sticking to it until Monday. Had a little issue with buying food after my fun GYN appointment at the grocery store, but I didn't eat it all and I made my new yummy orange braised pork dish, so that was exciting!

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