Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Beginning...

Well hi anyone who is actually reading this! I have never done a blog before, so you'll have to bare with me and we'll learn as we go. This blog is going to have two sort of functions.

The first being to hold myself responsible for losing the weight I've been trying on and off to lose since I started Grad school (2 years ago), and to inspire others to get healthy (and happy) along with me.

The second is to share what the life of a chemistry grad student (otherwise known as a scientist) is really like and share my limited insight on that subject.

I expect other subjects will come up considering I'm prone to tangents, and hopefully this will evolve with me. So welcome! and feel free to comment.

So to start off with I'm 5' 2" and well this week my starting weight was 161.8lbs but before I got a stomach virus about a week and a half ago I was about 168 lbs, so that's the official starting weight. My goal is 125lbs and I would like to meet that goal by my 25th birthday (next August 5th). Of course optimistically, I would love to get there earlier, but that's my reasonable goal.

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