Thursday, September 3, 2009

Food for Thought

I generally intend to list food intake and any exercise I've done everyday along with any other tidbits about weight-loss that seem relevant.

Today I ate:
Breakfast-whole-wheat toast, PB, OJ
Lunch-chicken and asparagus, pretzels, 2 mints (lots of H2O)
Dinner-turkey, toast, cheese and mushroom sandwich, nectarine, pretzels, truffle, mint, gingerale

I'll start counting calories next week when I know for certain I'm completely not sick anymore.

half an hour on the stationary bike

The exercise was amazingly tiring, probably due to the fact that I've been sick and not working out for the last well almost 2 weeks. Note to self: take recovery slowly in order to not get injured.

So overall I've done pretty well today(assuming I don't eat a ton after I finish this). Good first day of the blog!

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