Thursday, September 24, 2009


The undergrads came back this week...

I know I know, everyone else has had them for ages, but we have one of those screwed up quarter systems and it wasn't until this week (keep in mind they don't leave until mid June). I forgot how crowded they make everything. I was selling lab goggles and notebooks to freshmen on Tuesday and we got swamped with people asking us where things were in the giant sciences building. We dont' know where most things are, it was entertaining. Blind leading the blind. I'll have to get used to the crowdedness of campus again. It also means summer is officially over and I should really stop slacking off.

But first... of to AZ to the gradparents' place this weekend. Wish me luck on not being bored out of my mind! (also no internet, so expect me back on Monday)

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