Saturday, September 5, 2009

Evolution of weight gain

So today at the jazz fest, a friend of mine from college and I were talking about the way this girl an ex-friend of ours married looks now (namely she's gained a lot of weight and looks kind of terrible). It got me thinking about my own weight gain and how it came about.

Ok, we all know that everyone warns you about the freshman 15, so as a freshman I paid attention. I wasn't amazing looking but I was still in the healthy range for my height. I worked out, kind of watched what I ate... no problem, also spent the summer after freshman year losing about 5-6 lbs. Great good times, so this is 130lbs about.

Sophmore year, I gained back the weight I lost over the summer and a couple more. Then I went to Europe for the summer, welllll let's just say the czechs don't exactly have light food. So add another 8ish lbs.

Junior-senior year slowly gained up to 155lbs, decided spring semester that wasn't ok and did online WW, lost 10 lbs, then drank my way back to the 155lbs in the last month and a half of senior year.

Ok so everyone is warned about that freshman 15, no one mentions the grad school weight gain (which I know many people have had). So I entered at around 150 having tried WW again during that summer. It took about a year to gain the 15lbs to get me up to around where I am now. I kept trying WW, but I didn't want to trek to the meetings or the points were annoying or whatever... so that's where I am and how I got here.

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