Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jazz Fest...

So today was an absolutely gorgeous day here and I got to go hear free excellent jazz music outside all day. Something to note, anything free is a must do for grad students.

Anyway, good day of sun and fun, not too bad on the food front either I don't think.

Food for today:
Breakfast-rice crispies and skim milk
Lunch- rice crispies, skim milk, turkey slices (3), nectarine, mint
Dinner-pot stickers (chicken and veggies), skinnycow fudsicle, lowfat pringles, truffle

Not bad considering I went to a festival with plenty of bad for you temptations... like funnel cake and burgers and well you get the idea. No exercise besides wandering around the festival, but at least I didn't stay in my room all day and do nothing.

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