Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Back!

Ok I finally made it back from "vacation" or visiting the grandparents and am all set to get going again. I happily looked at the scale this morning to see 161.6 lbs... which means I only gained .2 lbs over vacation. Believe me, I ate whatever I wanted (yummy mexican food), but I did take a walk and go for a swim for the first time in a long time... it felt good, but man was my racing suit tight, which makes sense since I haven't had a new one since I was about... 20 lbs lighter than I am now. I think I would like to give it a couple more weeks before I try that again.

I'm still waiting for the results of my cholesterol test and have a huge purple and green bruise on my arm that's still sore to prove it. Oh the fun...

Also completely exhausted today, darn you time change! So trying to get back to some sort of normal routine tomorrow with a new motivated outlook.. I hope :)

So what I ate today:
Breakfast-toast and PB, OJ=330
Lunch-salad from a salad bar(completely guessing on calories here), mint=300?
Dinner-cereal, too much popcorn, chocolate=1170

Total Calories=1800

Well I was watching the Grey's Premiere and I got distracted and ate a whole bag of popcorn without blinking. So there's that, but I made orchestra, so that's exciting. I realize this was completely unrelated but yeah... On to working out and eating right tomorrow:)

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