Saturday, September 12, 2009


This post is due to a wine premiere I'm going to today and hoping that I don't go completely overboard and kill my weight loss for the week. Btw, I looooovvve wine!

Alright, I know that when you're trying to loose weight alcohol is a bad word, but can we all really do without it for as long as this might take (many months, a year)? I don't think so. Not only does it taste reallllly good, but as a 20-something, there are bars and clubs and parties to go to. Some of those things don't require alcohol, but don't you feel much better in those heals when you can't entirely feel your feet? I thought so.

The next step is, how do you incorporate it into your calories? Well, there's keeping all other non-healthy things out of your day, or the eating less (but that can be difficult if you don't want to be very drunk), or exercising some extra calories off, so it's not too bad.

I think it's possible to indulge sometimes and still lose the weight. Let's see if it works out...

Breakfast-cereal, OJ=310
Lunch-plum, turkey, pringles, carrots, yogurt, cheese, mint=355
Dinner-eggbeaters, cheese, mushrooms=200
Wine Tasting-6 glasses of wine, pita bread, cheese=900

Total Calories=1765

Wow, a little big, but I had a lot of wine, and it was soo good, I'll make up for it tomorrow.

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