Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well I was sick...

Turns out I made a good decision about not going to my crazy Turbo Kick class Tuesday night, because even without the workout I was sick yesterday. I had a mild fever, headache, lightheadedness for a good portion of the day. I went to work just for the mandatory group meeting portion and stopped for some food on my way home. I think my fever broke at about 7 PM, because suddenly I felt much better. I slept a lot last night and now, tada, all is well.

That said, I figure tomorrow is a good restart to working out, hopefully I can still get in 3 mild workouts by the end of the week and keep that goal. I realize this post doesn't have much of a theme, but I guess I just wanted to put that out there.

Breakfast-toast, PB, OJ=340
Lunch-yogurt parfait, potato chips=360
Dinner-wine, cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies=? 600


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