Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Biggest Loser and working out

Yay! I went to my Turbo Kick class and while it hurt, I feel good that I went. :) One small step at a time.

Soooo Biggest Loser *Spoiler Alert*

Fun challenge at the beginning, too bad the black team just couldn't quite get there. They will though, I have faith. Crazy faceoff week begins with the stupid boxing ring bit, whatever. I don't know about some of these choices, the black team could have a chance. We'll see what happens.

Oh jeeze, Amanda has a complete meltdown, poor girl. Hopefully, she'll figure something out. YAY!!! Black team wins the crazy baseball challenge, hooray happiness.

Oh no, Abbey's sad sad story:( This is breaking my heart.... she's really amazing and strong, really emotionally strong. It just makes you think, if she can live through that, I can do anything I want.

Oh and Amanda maybe having a breakthrough.... maybe, well not quite. Oh dear, crazy blocks and Allen does the insane high one!! I hate those blocks btw, we used to do them in middle school. That was not ok.

Jeeze, this is the emotional death episode. Shay is a mess, awwww :( So sad, jeeze, Yay she can do it!

Wow, Abbey is so sweet, she's such a good person :) And she looks.... really good:)

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