Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Biggest Loser S8Ep4

Ate today:
Breakfast-cereal, OJ=300
Lunch-Ginger Chicken sandwich, chips, mint=645
Snack-apple, fig newtons=185
Dinner-toast, PB, yogurt, cheese, celery, truffle=390


Exercise=1 hr Turbo Kick class, I'll guess the 500 calories again

Ok, didn't realize apples had so many calories... note to self. But still good day overall. I had a bunch of little sucesses for myself. I walked past this restaurant at lunch time that I looooovvveee their biscuits and sausage gravy and got a good cosi sandwich instead. Then I really really wanted to go home and skip working out, but I stayed until my class! Go me:)

*Spoiler Alert*

Sooooo Biggest Loser tonight (I hadn't realized I forgot to do one last week, oops). Sooooo happy that Daniel won them immunity! Not sure if he was playing the game with the 0 or not... don't really care if he did, it happens. Crazy take out week, reminds me of the stuff they pull on the australia biggest loser (which I've watched some of on utube). I hate when they mess with the food, because the whole point is to help these people loose weight. I think it would be more reasonable to ask them to eat out once a day, because that makes more sense in real life too.

Also, how is Tracy losing weight without doing anything??? I guess she was just eating so much before that this restricted calories is enough? But like the poor pink team and a bunch of the other girls are working their butts off to lose like 3 pounds and she does it without working out... I guess lucky her, but she bugs me, but yay Mo :) So proud of the pink team this week!


  1. Great job on the small successes! They really add up!

  2. The problem is the metric Biggest Loser uses doesn't equate with the stated goal of the show (to help people get healthier). Tracy is able to loss pounds by diet alone equal to or greater than the other women without exercise because all she is doing is loosing fat (possibly muscle as well). The others are loosing fat but gaining muscle. In the long run the latter is healthier and will help keep the fat off (higher resting metabolic rate) but over the course of the game the workouts while "burning" fat also do build muscle and thus can be a negative to winning.

    As for keeping track during the day and checking which options are the healthiest, may I suggest LoseIt for the iPhone/iPod Touch (or equivalent on other devices). My wife and I have found this to be life saver. Keeps us motivated as well.

  3. Thanks Meg for the support!

    Also, yes, I completely forgot about the whole muscle thing, which makes much more sense now. Tracy's muscles are a mess according to Dr. H., so that all does make a bit more sense.

    I've heard of the LoseIt app, at the moment I don't have an iPhone or IPod Touch or blackberry etc, but I'll keep it in mind for a later date.

    Thanks for the comments!