Sunday, October 18, 2009


Weekends are always kind of tough for me in the eating correctly department. It's hard when I don't have a strict schedule to eat good meals. Also when I'm just home doing my own thing... I have a tendency to short of eat whatever. I have yet to get a fool proof plan to counter this problem. I'm working on it. I'm thinking something along the lines of making the kitchen off limits except at determined mealtimes.... or maybe some sort of reminder note on my door or the shelf to be all "Do you really want to eat this?". Anyway, work in progress. I don't think I did too badly this weekend. I guess we shall see on the scale tomorrow morning.

Ok, on the goals front this week, not so hot. I did post 4 times (including this one). I sort of kept track of calories everyday, but just like in my head, which doesn't entirely count, so that gets a semi-check. The exercise just sort of fell off a cliff between the being kind of sick and just not caring.

So on this list for next week or this week, whatever, starting tomorrow:
1) Post 4 times again :)
2) Count calories by writing them down somewhere everyday
3) Work out at least 3 times

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