Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hump Day

Ahhh Wednesdays, that whole middle of the week vibe. I thought I might be due for some grad school blogging. mostly the thing about "hump day" is that it's supposed to be the middle day. I, as most chem grad students do, work on saturday, so the term doesn't entirely apply to us. My particular group has our group meeting on wednesdays, which is always kind of a toss up. Depending on who's presenting and how much group business we have or how much one of our group members need to talk about the group business (he has a tendency to go in circles) it can take an hour or three. Thankfully today was only about an hour and a half. So I realize this is completely random, but I think the point is that Hump day means group meeting and sort of signals the middle of the normal work week. Grad students can take the meaning as they like it.

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