Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Week

This morning I weighed in and guess what? I was 161.2 lbs, sounds familiar doesn't it? Oh well, at least I'm down from last week, and considering I didn't get to go grocery shopping until Sunday and was living off random food, I say not bad. I'm totally exhausted today between not sleeping well and running around for weird errands all day. I'm super stressed due to a snag in the moving the lab plans. Our lovely boss has decided that he wants to move the three days before thanksgiving, which throws a snag into travel plans for everyone. Anyway, and several other things are all converging into this week, so this is me freaking out and trying to keep myself together.

Food eaten today:
Breakfast-cereal, OJ=300
Lunch-chicken pita thing, yogurt, apple=410
Dinner-turkey, cheese, mushroom sandwich, truffle, grapes=420


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