Monday, October 12, 2009

(possible) revelation

Alright, so this morning I woke up dreading weighing into the scale due to my lovely: I don't feel like cooking, let's order italian food for dinner, move last night. And I weighed in at 162.2 lbs, yep, gained weight. Then I wasn't going to post it or blog because I had excuses. Well, earlier this weekend I weighed under 160 (which I was excited about btw), so why should I post just this day, maybe I'll wait and try again tomorrow when it's more reasonable. Then I read some other blogs and realized: This is what I wanted to do the blog for!!! I'm holding myself accountable. Ok, I made a bad decision last night and these are the consequences. Good to know, remember this feeling next time you want to eat the entire loaf of garlic bread you ordered (or remember this before you order the garlic bread). Anyhow, back on track, and I thought some goals for the week would be a good addition as well.

Week Goals:
1) Keep track of calories everyday (even if I don't get a chance to post them)
2) Blog at least 4 times (I realized that expecting myself to blog everyday is a little too optimistic)
3) Work out 3 times!

Other slightly longer term goals:
1) Be under 160lbs when my parents get here (October 30th)
2) Get work outs up to four times a week by the end of October.

Hmm, I just realized my little tickers change all of them when I change it online. So they all say the same thing now. I'll have to fix that...

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