Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Food, food everywhere...

So here's a little story about my day today:

I made dinner last night and portioned out the extras into 3 days worth of lunches, hooray. Brought it in, put it in the communal fridge, awesome, go me. I go to heat it up in the communal kitchen today for lunch and I'm starving. I look up above the microwave and there are 3 bags of potato chips, and several chocolate chip cookies sitting in a bowl, for anyone.... I have no where to go, I have to wait for my food to heat up, and the chips are staring at me, saying eat me, eat me. I pick up a bag, look at the calories and it's 150 and I think but I'm going to want my nice glass of wine later. I put them back down, stare at the floor until my food is done and run away! Phew, crisis averted. But seriously is it necessary for there to be extraneous food everywhere for people to eat?! I vote this as a problem in our society.

*Spoiler Alert* Biggest Loser Episode 2-to remind you I just sort of say some things I'm thinking

So it's the learn how sick you are episode this week. And wow everyone is very sick. Bob is trying to stand with like 300 extra pounds and freaking out. Jillian is basically throwing up from trying to eat the food. I was surprised it got anywhere near her mouth to be honest. She's so insane about organic and healthy stuff and counting her calories, which is good, but yeah surprised. Oh my god, the white mom fell and like broke her nose or something. Crazyness. Red team gets immunity, yay!

Oh wow, i didn't realize she was terrified of water, good for her getting in there and facing it. Ok weigh-in... Hmm red team playing the game, well that's smart, but still don't you just want to keep losing weight, isn't that the point? Whatever. People are pulling pretty good numbers for week two, except poor purple team :( And the mommy sacrifices herself for the daughter, so sad. Also, she's looking pretty good, still losing weight, good for her.

All the sickness helped motivate me to do my crunches for today and my knee is starting to really feel better, not great but better, so good day!

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