Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well gee I'm so excited Meg who writes one of my favorite blogs to read passed on the the Beautiful Blogger Award to me! She's very inspirational and upbeat, and you should all check out her blog.
So the rules are as follows: list 7 random facts about yourself and tag 7 others that I feel deserve it.

Things about me:
1) I've wanted a dog since I was about 3, and I've never had one. I intend to fix that as soon as I move into a place that's big enough for one.

2) My favorite TV show of all time is the West Wing. Ask me anything, I can tell you the answer.

3) Percocet has no effect on me, except to make me slightly more awake. Great combination, no effect on pain and the inability to fall asleep.

4) I'm a complete Band Nerd (can you say marching band in high school)... that's right, my clarinet is currently under my desk. Although I have switched to playing in orchestra now.

5)I don't like the melted cheese on pizza. I take it off and then eat the bread with tomato sauce on it. Sometimes my friends eat the extra cheese for me.

6) I had to have oral surgery when I was 15 to cut open the roof of my mouth, attach a bracket and chain to my upper right canine and sew it back together, so my orthodontist could slowly pull the tooth down into position link by link of the chain.

7) I sing a lot, everywhere (thankfully I'm not bad). If you're in Chicago on a mostly empty street and you hear someone singing to themselves, it might be me.

Ok on to the pass on portion of the post. Although I'm not sure how many of these people look at mine, you should definitely check out their blogs!

7) Emm

Thanks again Meg!!

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