Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Blues

Ahh yes, I'm back again. I can't seem to get consistency in any part of my life so it's not just the blogging. This is about the time of year where the only way I think I'm going to get out of my "dark and twisty" mind set (see Grey's Anatomy for the quote season 3 mostly) is by leaving for a vacation somewhere sunny for about a week. Of course that's not a possibility due to grad school, money, and well life, but it sounds nice. Hence my winter blues... very little sun, lots of work, not time off. So I guess instead I'll just try again, like I've been trying to restart so many times it feels stupid to say again, but here goes.

So I think I would really just like to start exercising again. That will most likely lead to weight loss on its own as well, but I just feel better if I'm exercising. That might help give me the energy winter seems to have stolen. I also would just like to stop eating a crazy amount of well crap, it's not really even food to be honest, just junk. I think I will change those into goals for the rest of the week and see how that goes before I force myself into counting calories and certain amounts of exercise and stressing myself out about it.


1) Blog, even just once more this week
2) Go to Spin with coworkers on Thursday and work out one other time
3) Eat more than 2 servings of fruits/vegetables every day
4) Think before putting candy/chips/non-food items into my mouth

Also, thanks for the support you guys. It helps to know that other people out there are struggling too!

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  1. I can relate! I tend to get the blues too when it is so cold and gray outside. Hopefully spring will come soon!

    Best of luck with your food/exercise goals this week! You can do it!