Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time Management

I'm not sure what I want to write in this post. I just know that I have to write, so bear with me for a minute.

I failed miserably at all my goals from last week. I probably have gained some weight, but refused to weigh myself yesterday. I was stressed over a presentation last week and didn't make time to go to the grocery store so I ate out... all week. I made some good choices and some bad ones. I still haven't been to the grocery store. I went on two dates, something I haven't done in a while and my confidence is still on the low side since I haven't lost much weight. Plus it took up time.

Ah ha, I figured out what this post should be about. My awful lack of time management last week. Time management is incredibly key to weight loss. I've read about it in about a million different articles and they all say. Weight loss takes planning and it takes time. Mostly because you need to work out and buy and prepare food. I decided to let my stress and busy schedule take over last week which is why I had no success with my goals. So I need to start with at least a basic plan to help me manage what is looking like another hectic week.

Goals for this week:
1) Make a plan
2) Follow the plan (ok a little too general)
Things to incorporate into the plan:
1) Grocery run
2) At least one work out
3) Two more blogs this week
4) Calorie Counting

Let's see how it goes...

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  1. I'm here to give you some support and to know that there are people out there reading and rooting for you. Weight loss DOES take a lot of planning and life management and at this moment, I'm chilling so I have loads of time to focus on myself but I go back to law school in August which will be another task I have to tackle and so far, I haven't been good at maintaining my weight loss. I've yoyo'd back to 200's five times now, and that's just not good. This is the last time for me but it does take a lot of mental control and determination.

    But, you can do it :) Small steps and you'll be there in no time.