Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting back on the wagon

So if anyone has been watching weather forecasts for around the country they may have noticed that in Chicago for the last few days it's been ugly. Between snow, sleet, rain, and wind chills of -15 or so, it's been bad. Welcome to winter in Chicago. I knew it would happen, but man, I wished it wouldn't be quite so nasty.

Which brings me to something actually related to the topics of my blog. I got on the scale for the first time since Thanksgiving and it said 163.8... nasty. Ok, well really it's not so bad, especially considering I haven't been to the gym in weeks, I haven't cooked in weeks and I've been generally stressed out about grad school. Now I know that New Years is coming up, and generally people make New Years resolutions, but I have several misgivings about that practice.
1) Most people don't keep them.- Sad, but true. I know I've made plenty that I haven't kept, and I'm sure anyone who's reading this has at least not kept one of their resolutions.
2) Why wait?- I mean what's the big deal about the new year? Why shouldn't I decide to make the change and do it now, not tomorrow, not on the magic day in 2.5 weeks, but now? Anybody? That's what I thought.
3) It's cliche.- Not that good a reason, but I really prefer to do my own thing.

So after this little rant, the point is: I'm making the commitment. And now the room echos back... again? Yes, again. I'm not perfect. I fell off the wagon, well I'll get back on.

And on that note, just two goals for the rest of this week, start slow I say.
1) Exercise at least once- baby steps are the way to go
2) Buy groceries for next week

I'd also like to try doing push-ups and crunches everyday, but I want to set goals I can meet to give myself some confidence before Monday, so bonus points if I start doing those too.

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